Some people are brave lions, other are dangerous grumpy bears or coiling poisonous snakes. It seems I’m a rabbit and not one from the Atomic ones. Just a fast running coward rabbit :OP

Despite the release of DIII these few screens doesn’t make justice to what happened last weekend. There were a lot more games than just five but disconnections and crashes alongside weird technical problems GR had last Saturday night  left me with few decent screens to post. Here they are.

Chumpit loves this map for some unknown reason. It’s small, uncomfortable and it comes with “no APC” option enabled by default. The narrow centre pass favours positional static games and this was one with none of the teams wanting to run into the other half of the map and meds showing the tips of their noses waiting behind rocks. It was because Mind nicely set drones’ vision we could win.

Inter. You are a brave piece of fool suicide! We almost had to tie him to avoid his heavies trying to eat the whole enemy army alone… though he did amazingly well. Maybe I’m just getting old. Wonderful job with the helps and relays, Mind. You saved my ass a couple of times at that hill.

Here comes my first “run for it” of the weekend and my second best inf shot ever. At least 2 pursuing meds and a APC in 1 shot though Mind got my APC anyway and left me  with a small bunch of scared running units Chumpit tried to hunt down before the time went out.

Fast and hilly. It’s a good definition for this one. Sarvik and Reaper tried to push by both sides to enter our position but Hellfire and I managed to defend the north fortress in a very close and balanced game. Damn I lose drones too easily.

BD didn’t let me run the last 8 minutes of this one (though I was going to recharge and slowly take Hellfire units down one by one as I had an APC left and he didn’t) Bad BD. Let my coward units express themselves doing what they best do! :OP

That was all from your lousy reporter. More this night on the ground!


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