on speed

And I’m not talking about OND meds settings. Last Saturday despite the absence of Ghat, not only were there more players than usual (we got 2 rooms at a time) with CM and 360 showing up after long time and Reaper’s come back to GC scene (welcome aboard man) but we had BD on some kind of undisclosed drug he doesn’t want to share hosting at higher speeds than those from the LHC. And I’m not talking about connection speed. Damn that was stressing (and fun) Ok. Let’s go with the screens.


Nothing better to warm up than a 2vs3 DM1 along Joxer (who is, btw, playing extremely well lately) It was close but my only crusader left couldn’t stand the last long 5 minutes. Those bullies slaughtered him in his so honourable run away :OP

After the sunny desert, the cold blue snow with arty, mines and gifted beams with a big lace (I was dealing with Carter’s arty… and with deal I mean blowing up) Joxer did a nice job stopping BD’s counter attack while Echo and me were trying to survive CArter and chumpit combined advance.

Mines. MINES EVERYWHERE! I lost half an army on them even after artying the area. They seemed to grow and spread. I think I had some nightmares after this game. (some will say this was just divine justice)

Seems BD wanted to blow up things too so he brought a swarm of stingy scouts sowing the map with mines and hunting our beams like vampire mosquitoes.

Saturday (the speed madness begins): I’ve never saw anyone wandering so happily and unmolested behind enemy lines ( my lines! ¬.¬ ) while we were trying to deal with an annoying BD flank and Sarvik amd Reaper’s frontal slow and firm attack. Conclusion: They smashed us.

Fast intense and double fronted one. We hardly managed to hold like cats in a hole from our little north west corner. A very close one.

But nothing compared to this one. It was the most close intense and unexpected game I’ve played in months with both teams taking the baton alternatively from the very beginning   and ending with a inf close combat in the middle of the central hill. Nothing like this map for great victories, shaming defeats (see last of the previous post screens) and epic battles. BTW. After this one I have to love those indestructible Xenofacts :O)

Viking damage in a fear XL… I can’t say much apart from it was a strange feeling and a weird game.

And more weird games were about to come. “Air on” ones. I hate to play with Cray. It has nothing to do with if they are or not the good guys or the cool faction. They are too slow for me. I guess I should practise more but for the moment: I hate to play with Crays.

Another Ridges to close the night and the weekend. Although I know CM hates to play with OND more than I hate to play with Crays he does pretty better than me when changing factions. Aaaaaanyway. See you on the ground (in few minutes :O)


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