new maps, new maps and… more new maps

Tournament has left everybody tired of DM1 and DM7 so everyone is asking to play the non default ones and then getting lost. The good news are the hosting  problems seem to be solved with the new Joxer’s map pack. You should download it if you haven’t already! Now, the screens.

There was an old thread on the massive forum about the best screen resolution to play GC. I’ve always played it at 800x600px but as the hardware has changed a lot since the I wanted to give 1024 a try… and I don’t like it.

I know the feeling when you see a light blue horde coming directly towards you from where you weren’t expecting it and now I’m sure Chumpit does too (though this time it was dark blue I’m sure the feeling is the same) I love that games when everything changes so much that you find yourself attacking the other team fortressed in what was originally your dropzone. BTW. This is again a reconstructed screen. Pleeeease. stay a bit longer at the end of games and say cheese for the picture!

We could have win this. We had it on our palms and then… well, then OND did what it just supposed to do on desert specially having the score against two crays attacking: East us alive.

When in the middle of the game you see a vet’s squad firing a sunburst you laugh a bit even if it is on your team. When you realise the whole army or one of your team mates isn’t config at all you start thinking in how to run fast enough. I’m sure this one was a nightmare for Joxer except for the unexpectedly amazing job his templars did.

This one should be called “the great migration” We went all around the map to the opposite corner before finding any enemy unit. Then Joxer had BD for tea and the party began. Tower is a map you can love or hate but it is surely a complex one to play and good for both factions though as OND player I have some serious problems assaulting those castles when there is a cray dug deep in.

And… to fininsh the report… Ladies and puppies… amaze yourselves with the incomparable, unmatchable, the great and unbeatable 4 score!
This one is not even from last weekend but I couldn’t let it unpublished. I have said before ridges is a bad map to run out of ideas and here is another proof. Well. All I can say is: reveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenge!!!! ò,.,Ô

See you on the ground little ladies.


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