tournament vs multiplayer battles

Last weekend we found ourselves with the dilemma of choosing between playing rounds of the 1vs1 tournament which would had left few players at the GR room waiting for us to finish or play normal team matches letting the tournament to take longer to be finished. In my opinion that’s not a problem. Tournament purpose was to get people to play more, not less. I don’t think it’s fair or fun to let people waiting while we play a 1vs1 when we could be playing an exciting 3vs3. Having this said, let’s move to the report.


Too slow with the scouts, too slow with the meds, too tight of a grip… BD flanks are devastating.

Really intense match with no pauses. Carter was in a commander mood last weekend. Coordinating attacks, encouraging people to keep pressing. We slowly pushed them to “El Alamo” and there, outnumbered, they got buried.

The other desert. One of those intense fast beginnings with a slow tactical end with not much left on any side. Their nice slow fallback got them the score and win.


“Trapped. We are trapped”
“Shut up, don’t panic and die”

It was raining lead on us before we were able even to position anything and this is not a map were you have many manoeuvring options. I think “squeezing” would be a good summary for it. BTW: Inter is back! :O)

“Ok. They are done… wait. What’s that? O.O!”

And there it was Mhawk’s full army on a corner waiting… what?¿?¿ It was slow but easy to clear him once BD and sarvik were done after an amazing job in what actually was a 2vs4 most part of the game cause Inter’s crash.

This map is known not only to have one of the worst pathfinding but also to be one of the worst to run out of ideas. It’s a very complex one and depends a lot on the army config. Carter (really excited in this one) showed his coordinating skills again. “arty that radar” “don’t let them get out that pit”… we gave them a nice arty shower :O)

Great team play between joxer and me got us the start of the game stopping BD and Carter´s attack along the west border and the solid Sarvik´s hold on the northest of the central hills despite the waves of the again left-for-the-end Mhawk’s army got us a great game to close the night and in my case also the weekend.

See you tonight on the ground!


2 responses to “tournament vs multiplayer battles

  1. “I don’t think it’s fair or fun to let people waiting while we play a 1vs1 when we could be playing an exciting 3vs3”

    Since this is obviously directed at me, let me respond with a couple of points:

    1. When setting up the 1v1 game you are talking about, there were enough “other” people (at the time) to have a 2v2. At no point did I suggest 1v1 or NOTHING, as you are implying, Nox.

    So, what happened is that people did not want to play 2v2, and wanted a 3v3. The difference in “fun” between 2v2/3v3 is marginal. I would make the point that 2v2 is suited better for an exciting game anyway, but that is subjective I admit.

    This “I only play massive team games or nothing” mentality is something I don’t understand at all, and is the crux of the problem.

    2. I spend quite a bit of time trying to get others to finish their matches. I’ve made myself available on IRC as much as possible, during the week and on Sunday, but on some occasions, we *have* to play games at the weekend. The sooner we finish them, the less problems we’ll have. By NOT playing matches, you are only delaying the issue.

    3. A lot (90%+) of the tournament games have been 2-0 (and fairly quick). On average, 2 tournament games takes about 35 minutes (not a long time). The other players could watch, or play their own matches.

    Remember, at the current rate (1 match per week as of late), this stage of the tournament will literally take several months to complete.

    Every tournament of this sort requires one or more people to actually push things forwards (that has been me). It’s not an enjoyable task at all, especially when met with attitude (Carter).

    If this is something that people feel strongly about, we should certainly NOT arrange a 2v2 tournament after this, as we will run in to the same issues. I definitely won’t be up for dealing with this sort of hassle again.

    • Long to answer so I’ll be brief: We were 6. If 1 host the 1vs1 it leaves 3 out. That means 2vs1, ffa or another 1vs1 so it was indeed watch or nothing.

      I agree there’s someone needed to push things to move on and thanks a lot for all the effords you have been doing. It wouldn’t be done without you but there are many ways to say things. Carter can be a really grumpy pain if he is inspired but that wasn’t the case last Friday. Knowing him he was amazingly reasonable to be honest.

      So let’s not get mad easily cause that’s going to help noone. If there’s people around I prefer to play team games for the simple reason I want them to get fun and come back next weekend.
      I have had two really hell of weeks but don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to crush me :0P

      See you soon.

      PS: BTW

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