2 rooms 14 players

Yep. That’s right. Two simultaneous rooms were needed last Friday to hold the 14 players that came to the meeting. We are growing fat in numbers! :O)

I started the night along Sarvik having the first game of our tournament round which I won by 1 radar. That means exactly 1 point of difference in a long, hard and close to heart attack game. When we came back to Game Ranger “lobby” we found it full and that way it remained until the very end of the night

A close landing with a small fast rush gave us the leading score. Then we settled down on the south big fortress trying to resist the waves of attacks what, as you can see, I didn’t.

We kept mixing teams all night long mainly because Echo’s frequent disconnections made it a bit difficult to balance teams.

At this point there was already another room having a 2vs2 so we decided to play a big FearXL to celebrate the ocasion.  Echo crashed very early in the game, my mines gave them a nasty surprise on DZ6, stAtrill and Justinian found how annoying drones can be when you are not used to them and how poisoned to set a base can be when you have no ams protection. See now what Cray are good for?

As I said we kept mixing teams trying to find a balance combination. Though team setting up in this one was an absolute nightmare.
Ok, guys. This is for the new ones: When we stay at the game setting screen figuring out teams, we are not (at least I am not) doing them in terms of friendship or anything similar. We try to balance teams as close as we can cause an unbalanced match is no fun for anyone. We the vets know how someone is expected to do in a multiplayer, or how someone is probably going to be along this or this other folk. We can’t let for example 3 new players in one of the teams. That would be a slaughter. So when we try to make teams, you obviously can suggest but please, PLEASE, don’t overflow the chat.

About the game itself it was quite intense. I was trying to catch Chumpit’s full army flanking with some units when he stepped on Sarvik and stAtrill symmetrical move. He hold as he could and when I arrived I found two full armies with no shields and damaged units. That explains the score. After that, Carter did an amazing game ending stopping he alone the four of us for minutes. Great job man!

I wasn’t able to make it on Saturday and Sunday was strictly tournament day. But I have this great one played along the week.
I’ve never hit myself so hard as the misspelled me did, but his rush was not able to compensate the great performance of the Portuguese [_nOx_] version… poor Liivian must have thought we were a bunch of crazy old fools which, btw, we are :O)

Thanks for the games guys!
Don’t forget to check the GCvets forum and to pass by the #grouncontrol IRC channel on quakenet server.


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