as in old days

Around 6 hours of non stop GC matches between normal DM and Tournament 1vs1s on Friday sent me to bed at 4:30 am exhausted, smiling and thinking “ok. tomorrow more” and there was. Here some (not all) of the screens.

“Oh! they are at North. let’s move quickl… wait. No. They went East… Err. East-South… North again… ¬.¬ Would you make your minds and stay?” That would be a good summary of the match with me pursuing the battle more than fighting it and always getting late.

(reconstructed screen)
It’s great when you realize the team play is really working and everybody in your team are moving together and coordinated. That rat-trap we build for BD’s flanking squads at South-East corner was worth the match even if we hadn’t had won. Nice job Ghat!

This one was like trying to catch rabbits on a tricycle toy. Pity Echo’s early crash. They would have crushed us even more than they did.

And pitier it was this time. Damn. We had it so close. (Don’t ask me how, though. I guess they just relaxed when Echo disappeared)

Here we had a stop to play some 1vs1 for the tournament and when I was going to leave just as everyone else Mhawk made his come back. So we thought a name like that would well deserve a proper welcome. Nice to have you back, man.

A lovely pack of mines with a lace for Echo’s APC. Justinian mistaking Mhawk for a noob and my APC deciding on his own to trip around the map led us to a really weird end. Mhawk APC + 2 almost dead heavies + half inf squad running away from 1 scout and a brave arty… I think my crew felt like a mouse hunting an elephant :OP

Saturday.What’s better than a nice lose to start a night? To lose a cray air-on battle full of bombers, AA, rockets and confusion. I think our new fellas will think it twice before ask for an air game again (I hope).

Near… so near and just 1 sec before the end Sarvik got my stupidly left anywhere APC to win the battle. Good job guys. (Sarvik. You’ll pay my new APC even if you have to sell all your medals to buy it)

Justinian trying to emulate Termopilas battle. Sarvik, Joxer and Carter planning to bury us alive in mines and BD moving slower than I can remember. At some point of the match we were more like wandering gypsies looking for settlement than a proper army.

Here we have a lovely fearXL and the first over-50 score of our enthusiastic Justinian. Joxer got pawned (both literally and psychologically) at the very beginning. Sarvik and Carter seemed to got obsessed about entering a DZ5 solidly defended by Justinian through DZ6 while BD’s army was nicely set inside DZ7 making bonfires and telling stories, DZ4 absolutely empty and me here and there  hunting arties or just getting lost, very lost… We have to play this one more times. I love it!

More fun next Friday. Meanwhile, ladies: Don’t forget to play as many tournament rounds as possible!


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