just :0)

Hi everyone. Here is the late (just to make Sarvik happy) last weekend’s report. Well… It’ll be just Friday but what a one. I don’t remember when was the last time we had such row of 4vs4.A small nice DM1 to start the night and warm engines. Nice defence by Carter and Hellfire and a ridiculous suicide flanking by myself :OP Sorry chumpit. :OP

Then came our hosting star Ghat and we tried a Dm7 we won climbing literally to the hills (and with a bit of help of a miraculously effective ams on the west side of the north passage in a classic DZ1-DZ6 arty battle)

I love 4vs4 when the battle is spread all along the map as it was in this one. BD and me at the north west facing Echo and Hellfire armies. Sarvik and Joxer going down the east side to find Ghat and Carter’s specials flying everywhere.

The piece of conversation in the screen is a good resume of the battle. Poor joxer got seriously hit at the beginning buy the yellow demon but we luckily turn the score with Echo’s units.

I’ll say it again and again. This map is confusing. I only know they got trapped in the upper right corner after filling the centre of the map with juicy fresh untouched mines. I got there late. Just in time to block their scape along the north edge. So, whatever you did, good job guys!

Yep FEAR XL! 12 squads per player. Loads of arty Fireworks, mines MADNESS!! We have to repeat this one more times with some minutes more. 30 are too few to deal with so many units.

Yes. we closed the night with a full room. At that point we were all exhausted. Well, I was at least.

Althought the Tournamet was supposed to star last Friday It seems everyone was too scared to challenge anyone except for Echo and Ghat who had a nice round on Saturday. You can post and check the screens and the results here.

More, this night on the ground!


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