Full room!!!

The opening of GCvets forum has been a damn good boost to GC online. We had new players, some vet comebacks and has us all excited about the upcoming 1vs1 tournament. (Sign up now! :O)

Friday.A nice warm up with two of our new guys, Chumpit and stAtrill, with nice mined presents included. We were lucky (mostly because that mines) BD’s flank wasn’t as successful as it usually is.But he promptly got himself a couple of friends and crushed the hell out of us. BTW, Justinian, even though your arty miraculously survived that match, it’s not really a good choice for flat ones. Not to mention bringing Crays to desert though I have to admit here they were a bit of a pain in the ass.

Top left pit/grave/DZ chose the name you prefer. That Dropzone is a rat-trap. I lost half of an army trying to get out of there under BD and Ghat voracious attack.  Needs a special mention the moment when Justinian being up in the score threw himself into CM’s rockets’ welcoming arms :O)

Here they got their revenge. What a iron stronghold in the south central hill they did.Ladies an gentleman. A very unusual thing to see: CM bringing OND! and surely doing better than I do when taking Crays Myself.Sarvik came really late to close the Friday night on old DM7 with the also old DZ6-DZ1 arty party. (Justinian: Always bring a radar!)

Let’s move to Saturday with the come back of Echoscout and a sobber 360.Sarvik must had spent the night training in dreams cause he came in a beast shape leading his team score in every single game.

 Nice advanced radar Chumpit! It probably gave us the game. Well, that and a hungry BD. BTW Welcome back Mind. We have been missing you a bit lately :O)

This was weird. BD flanking almost alone and finding all of them together, tons of mines everywhere, 360 disguised as Sarvik, justinian’s army on holliday trip around the other corner of the map and echo wondering why the hell we left base alone to got ourselves killed. Really fun though.

Ok. Someone has to explain me how the hell we won this one and who the hell dismounted that ams fortress BD builded in DZ6 while I was busy myself paying Echo’s inf and Sarvik’s APC a visit. (Justinian and 360, again, always bring a radar!!)

And finally a classic drone-scout hilly map bitching to close the night :OP

Thanks for the games guys. It was GREAT!


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