Tons of everything

Tons of newbies (said with a mouthful of moonburst love) and games and screens and mines and fun… Here we go on Friday night with the first of our new players Heads-Up-360 (360 from now on), and a good one though here he got a bit pawned. I love when joxer does this curious tactic of going out on picnic on this map while everyone else are fighting like dogs somewhere else.

but he (360) did grab very fast the basics of the game… against me ò.Ô you’ll pay for this. All of you! even me! I’ll pay for this too… or something like.

and they did… except Ghat who had a really nice night for what I know.

I left after the previous one and didn’t notice a second GC room that resulted to be a goldmine of new players. Hope they come next meeting again after meeting those two bad beasts

that must have been epic…

And we enter on Saturday land with a.. wait. Crays on desert? well, yeeess… weird game. Nice to see CM back, though.

who got an arty shower made in 360¡s factories while BD had some fun jumping on mines. He’s such a playful lad, you know? :O)

Oh this one was intense and constantly balanced until the very end. lucky we did got all rackets out cause otherwise we would have been really fucked. BTW 360. APC is not a very good unit to cover any other one’s retreat :OP

Yep. It wasn’t Sarvik’s night. I was helping  out 360 in the other side of the map when BD owned him but would love to have seen that.

That was all for this weekend. More, next Friday on the ground!


PS: Don’t forget to sing up for the oncoming 1vs1 tournament here!

2 responses to “Tons of everything

  1. Yeh, wasn’t my day, so nice from you to take screenshot from it. I will show my appreciation with fresh moonbursts D:<

    • You are truly and thoughtfully welcome, sir.

      It’s so nice of you to be polishing those highly explosive units of yours. In fact. Considering the way they burn on BD units’ sight, one could even think they have a sort of a crush on him :0P

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