That’s laaaaag! (a nice Friday btw :0)

I’ve never had such high ping. 800 to 1050. With that ping units slide over the map as if they were on some kind of psychedelic drugs. Was amazing how Ghat managed to make it seems as if we were both playing nearly half of the game. Great job man!

That one was agonic. After some strange and successfully confusing initial manouver with OND heavies from Carter and thanks to a very brave Sarvik we had the score. They had more units left. We slowly and painfully retreated but there was too much time left and we fell. Damn I liked that one :O)

I still get lost in those new maps. Really lost but who cares when you go with such a couple of beasts?

I wasn’t able to make it on Saturday either Sunday so no more screens for now. More action in a couple of hours! :O)


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