The supporting role

When you are new and see a splendid beautiful attacking move by someone like ghat, BD or Maxi, you immediately want to do the same, which usually ends up in a pretty amount of wasted units. Yes. There must be at least one leading player on a side if they want to do something, but to have 4 at the same time sounds to me like a dream match.

I’ve been a bit more than tired recently and that always affects my game, therefore during last two weeks I decided to be just the supporter when I felt too dizzy to try anything. Just giving helps, repairing units, blocking enemy runaways, hunting radars and APCs… and it’s been working surprisingly well.

This was a nice start for a Friday. Old DM1. Intense, fast and fun.

I think Ghat thought a couple of times in strangling joxer and me as we were losing the points he did at the start of the game. In fact, we actually lost them and a last desperate charge was needed to win.

It’s great to play with this two on your side. I thought about doing some popcorn next time.

Here we went on Saturday to a row of mixed 2vs2. It was great. Thanks guys!

And that’s all from Krig7B guys! Your lousy reporter:


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