moral victory… or something similar

I wasn’t able to join last Friday for being in something I promised myself not to be in ever again So we’ll start the chronicles directly on Saturday.

I swear we won 3 in a row against them but fast-running-away carter never waited for the photofinish so that’s everything I have to prove it :O/

Then came Sunday. Maybe after watching at the scores you could think we were the losing team. At all. We were just… err faking it… with an incredible success.I wouldn’t let my Beam drivers drink on duty even though they tell better jokes when drunk.That  is Joxer’s APC failing in his brave runaway.and so on… and so on…

and then. Just when we were going to crush them with a very secret-complex-magic-unearthy-trick-I-won’t-tell-just-beacuse, they noticed something fishy and ran away… filthy, oh! filthy cowards.

Not sure if there will be anyone online today but I’ll check and host anyway.

See you guys, and happy excessive meals.


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