the impatient rabbit and the 2 new carrots

Hi there guys.

Here is the report of the yesterday’s activity on the Krig7B’s surface. Some nice very intense matches with the presence of two new guys, Petre and Grossen, and the absence of many.
I always find a Dm1 a wonderful map to start a night… even if I lose.Here is where the rabbit started to run  away at the end of games as if afraid the screenshot would take part of his soul to use as handkerchief. I’ll have to be faster to frame him.

Dear GCvets. Here you have our two new guys of the week.  Surprinsingly enthusiastic considering they had to face such old sadist beasts. That horde of crays got us trapped in the south east as if the terrain were an ice cream cone and they were the actual ice cream. We did our best

but we had to wait until the last match of the night to avenge the widows in a killingfields played almost all over the map.

We landed top left. They landed top right. The action took place in all the central passages. Whiteknight went all around and finished fighting near the south east dropzone. Petre died defending the north one-entrance hill. I covered the south west pit, the open lands in front of it and ended with my apc and 1 med running away by the south passage… A nice game

See some of you in minutes!


2 responses to “the impatient rabbit and the 2 new carrots

  1. Good report. Who is the rabbit? Does he live in an island, maybe?
    Great games last saturday’s night. I hadn’t played those maps. They are nice and funny.
    And great players. I hate the yellow, light blue, dark green, and lately I am beginning to hate the red.
    See you.

  2. Hey, I’m in the USA, and I notice on your gameranger accounts your in the UK… You guys know any USA guys and their user names? I’m RougeCrayvenMajor sooo… add meh!

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