4 responses to “GC Starting guide!

  1. The name can bring to a confusion but is not ours, It’s tragamillas’ blog and we have no intention of stopping this one at all.

    Thanks for the comments :0)


  2. Well I will use the google translator, what he said I have a blog esque, in their time the day after updating to show the items ubieron the day before, I mean my comment is that the blog was left and thought that this week renobarlo and updated, it has nothing to do with a website with the other, but wanted to create a website for players of GC-speaking although most know English (which I do not), I maintain the web all in English I see absurd, because basically you can comment on what you want in both English or Spanish or Greek, no matter as scribes, those i then closely to the consequences, I mean consecuecias that if people have read or not you

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