It was a damn good night

Well. They both were but I specially enjoyed yesterday´s battles with an “not completly sober” Sarvik who, unbelievably, did crash only once! :0)

Let’s start with Friday.Playing Wartornwastes against Ghat and BD means in most cases running all over the map trying to slowly reduce that big rolling ball they form which, in this one, we failed to.

There’s sometimes when you stand and fight… there are others when, well, you run for it and so we did. A successful slow retreat to the north high lands. “Up to the hills!!!”

A masterfully planted radar can give you half of the game on a silver plate. That was Mind’s behind-the-tree radar. Ok. Ghat’s rockets did help a lot too.

Let’s have a see at Saturday now.Not many games finish in a close shot between almost equal remains of both sides trying to unbalance the odds. Those are intense games. As you can see, they succeeded on that quite efficiently.

Reveeeenge! we had on DM7 thanks first to a lucy monburst that caught BD’s APC among some rockets with their ams run out, and then to a nice combined inf attack on an unradared DZ4. Nice job Sarvik!

“I’m not going north now. I bet it’s full of mines >:| ”

Said BD after catching my scouts there… but it wasn’t. So they turned back and give us time to prepare a nice standing at the west side. I love when coordinating helps work on time :O)

A really, really nice one. I enjoyed it a lot. With combined defences and attacks, 2 front lines and a lot of activity. Sarvik, I love you when you are drunk. Ghat… what hell of a spell did you put on that radar to eat 3 specials with almost no harm ò.Ô???

That was all folks. See you next Friday!


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