saturday’s battles

Saturday nights are becoming nearly as popular as Friday ones. There are some people that can’t join other day cause work, girlfriends or any other big reason. They start a bit earlier and they are reaching a couple of intense 4vs4 at least.That inf at the bottom of the pic is after Inter’s rockets which along his APC were all that remain in their side. Quite afraid of that crusaders, of course.

BD’s come back has brought a new (old) type of playing I’m still trying to grab… but I’ll do.

A nice game, though a bit unbalanced, fought at full map with us pressing from north-east towards south where all that cray (too many. I think) where trenched until BD decided to pay our DZ, at the north-west corner, a visit.

That was a lightning fast attack by Ghat and BD. Not very successful, though. BD got killed and Ghat was left with a squad or so. With them both out of bussiness, two crays scattered from DZ1 to DZ3 where not too difficult to defeat. (btw, this and second screens are reconstructed. Sarvik, stop crashing, pleeeease :O)

See you next Friday!


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