back to 2006

Game level and number of active players are almost the same as they were before the WON server’s shut down. In fact Game ranger has told me I can’t add more “friends” unless I get a premium account so, big news! We are on the good track.

first a screenshot from last week. A victory in the last second and by only one point. I have to say that hurted… badly.

And now three of the many we fought last night.

This should be titled: “Arty hunting in the green hills” (I think BD’s jags took like 4 or 5)  or even “How to wrap someone in mines”.

Haven’t happened to you that your APC suddenly appears to follow its own plan and comes into the battle as if it where a camping trip? No? lucky you. If it haven’t been killed I would have whipped the driver myself ¬.¬

Thats all for now. More this night on the Krig 7B ground.

See you guys.



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