Saturday night events.

This time arround the Vets TV was sent into Krig-7b, after rumors of conflicts taking place we are reporting from a remote sector named Nighttops, our satelite connection was hard to get so we apologise for the bad audio feed you might get, but the important is that we were there to inform you!

This is all… For now.


Vets TV reporter on field.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 responses to “Saturday night events.

  1. Great commentary, man. Thanks. Really useful. I’m sorry about the boredoom of theintermidiate minutes but ran out of ideas there :0/
    I promise next will be much more fun and fast :0P

  2. Lol To be honest for me it wasn’t boring at all to me , its something different and exciting …
    And i’ll promise a better commentary next chance we’ve got. : D

  3. Far away from mui Krig-7B awaiting a veteran commander, while in the past left the industry because of the multiple casualties had now returned to give cane, this Friday 07/10/2011 Return of the legends of the field battle, but with a new name, Tragamillas.

    Lejos, mui lejos de Krig-7B aguarda un comandante veterano, si en el pasado abandono el sector por culpa de las multiples bajas que tuvo, ahora vuelve para dar caña, este Viernes 07/10/2011 Vuelve una de las leyendas del campo de batalla, pero con un nuevo nombre, Tragamillas.

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