… and they surely did come!

It was a big nice party. CM, Bärsärk, Dkutter, Redlock (spieler), Carter, Ghat (whiteknight), Sarvik, Hellfire, Inter, Joxer and me. Mind, we missed you.

Night started with a 3vs4 quite balanced thanks to the fact both bärsärk and Dkutter were still a bit rusty. Hellfire took dz2 and 3 whilst Carter and I tried to stop their attack on dz1. Tough mission I must say.

Then came two 4vs4 which turned into a 3vs4 due to first Hellfire’s and then Sarvik’s crash. Unbalancing the teams and making two tough fun exciting games.

The third one was on a uncommon map with a clear almost drawn line of combat as if it were WWI… except for Joxer who decided to visit enemy’s rearguard well clenched by Ghat’s units. A very close and balanced game though quite clumsy.

A fast slightly hilly warmonger to close Fridays night. Several mines. A lot of running units from here to there avoiding Inter’s rockets… Man, I love this game :O)

Saturday came and so did an old vet CM (Crayven Marine) A even more devoted Cray player than Inter. Days before Talking with Mind we wondered if he would bring his deadly Rockets to the desert. Here you have the answer. Good old CM.

This was a bit of a nightmare to Dkutter. Luck did not visit him even just once. We thought it was going to be the last of the night and it was going to bebut then CM came back from don’t know where and so did Inter. A nice 3vs3 on Killingfields was served. Funny thing about this game was Joxer’s picninc trip to the north highlands while Dkutter and I struggled to stop those maniac’s advance wondering what the hell was joxer searching for up there. They seemed to get a bit bored of resting, so near the end of the game a big bunch of suntanned units came back to help the the remains of our forces to keep the score advantage.

That was all for last weekend. More tonight on the ground of Krig 7B.


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