they are coming

Voguel, CM, DKutter… Word is slowly spreading and that means more games, more fun and nice old names on the screen! :O)

I’m eager this night to come. CM wont be until tomorrow but DKutter said to bring some RI members including Willrock (hope he has solved his firewall problems) so… this could be a really nice GC night.

I have only two screenshots from last weekend but they sure were intense gamesWe first met in a desert and, to satisfy our old grumpy Carter I wore orange instead of the usual dark green cause, apparently, that colour was giving me superpowers.

Back we went to the ground with usual colours now and mixed teams to battle for the tower… in which in fact we didn’t fight cause we were too afraid of Ghat’s rockets and jags, so after we getting some score, they had no other option than coming out to open space and deal with our Beams.

Don’t miss this night’s battles, guys. Its going to be epic!


5 responses to “they are coming

  1. DKutter contacted me and sort of invited me to join the battle, if I get everything to work tonight I’ll be there.

    • @Carter: Nevermind and sorry to hear that. You know that despite all that specs I’m very fond of you :0)
      Come tonight if you can. It seems its going to be a fun party there.
      @Bärsäk: We’ll love to see you there, man. Welcome back!

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