GC tips from the old guys

Today won’t be any screenshot. Instead and to vary a bit I’ll leave you a link. A precious one. So special it make me feel again a bit melancholic and moved because all the names in it.

It’s a nice compilation made by the big old players on the tactics learned through many years. You can find there team tactics. Clan tactics revealed (Clans were slowly dying so they started to open undisclosed reports), 1vs1 tactics and even air tricks.

If you want to improve in GC read it!!!

I’ll try to summarize it later. Now, I have some specs to fire :O)


7 responses to “GC tips from the old guys

  1. yea man i found my GC game and kinda got the urge to play again. I went on the web to see if GC was still going and found a massgate forum that brought me here. Im going to try and start playing again.

  2. Men, nice to see you all here. I will be there at saturdays!!!

    Cant await to see you again!!

    Best greetz, Crayven-Marine

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