old grumpies, some noobs and a recidivist crasher

Late as always (yes. I know I have to work on that) here is the weekly GC report!

Friday started with the old vet Carter coming back with a wide repertory of sweet bad temper, good playing and a couple of new players (one of them very new as you can see) Hellfire crashed in our team. Then Sarvik’s connection wanted to even the game and kicked him out. By that moment we were already running for it… and it worked quite well.

 Sarvik kept crashing in almost every game that night. I can swear they had they fair revenge in that dm7 not for free ò,.,ó

There is only one thing to say when you lose: reveeeenge! The two noobs were gone so that stayed between old vet monsters. Im more a DZ1 player in this map but tThis time Sarvik’s connection didn’t freaked out and we had time to do a pretty nice defense on DZ4… more sweet “grunts” from Carter… Oh man. I love this guy :O)

Whiteknight didn’t show up. Maybe because the Irene. I don’t know. Joxer came, late, but in time to give Hellfire and me some serious pounding along Sarvik and another new player this time from GCII… all I’ll say is…

“Eat that!” Ok. Sarvik did crash but they wouldn’t had choice at all even with him online. We were doing a smooth and beautifully coordinated game from DZ1. that wshould teach you not to touch my APC after I polish it.

But they didnt learn the lesson and did touch it again… in fact. that thing exploding was in fact my APC bravely…. running away. ehem :OP

And that was all for today folks. More today on Ground!!!


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