a really fun weekend

Do you like 3vs2 or 4vs3 rows of combats between same teams? I do and This weekend had it all.A tough nice DM1 to open the Friday We fought until the last man and then… well. Then we lost that last man.

Inter went to have a shower (maybe he got too excited with the victory) And Whiteknight came to avenge that last man and the rest of my troops :O) A nice battle in the top left of the map.

Inter came and so did Joxer, Ok, uneven teams again but… Mind and Sarvik crashed in the middle of the game. We wouldn’t have won this one otherwise.

This time was only Mind who crashed but this was ours anyway. Hellfire and inter defending the small tower at the center right and me controlling the upper left mounts. We did a very nice job.

Saturday was short in games but very fun here we got crushed by those three sadists who left us trapped in the upper right hole after giving a very hot welcome to a too brave Mind at the beginning of the game. It seemed like he wanted to eat them all by himself alone… Greedy man :OB

But then, Oh then we did a so pretty nice work in old DM7. Its the first time I have lost anything at all in a game. O casualties in a 3vs2! :0)))

I have to admit that this helped a lot:
“We need a radar at south”
“To see the tunnel?”
And so we could see  Joxer’s units at the end of the tunnel blowing up his radar and ams with his arty special. It sure did help a lot :OP

This night, MORE!





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