From Wikipedia: Banzai charge or banzai attack, a last, desperate military charge

Lately I say that too much

Friday and weekend games started with this 2vs2 where, let’s admit it, Joxer and I seemed to be watching the game more than playing it. We got pretty crushed.

3… 2… Hey! where the hell are you going guys?”

First Palitoman, then Inter. Pity. We where doing a really great job down there.

And they did us pay for that in this… how could I say it… slaughter? Nice job guys!

This is from Saturday when Inter enjoyed giving me some nice mad attacks from DZ3 over DZ1… Damn I suck with cray.

Sunday brought a series of 2vs2. 3 in a row. First they made us on DM1.

Sarvik’s good job before crashing and a handful of lucky mines gave us the second.

And despite another early disconnection from Sarvik (check that PC!!!) we won a tight one and the “best of three” row! :O)

More this night on the Ground!!


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