early leavers and master classes

This is an obvious montage of my first game of the night. It was indeed the second for the rest but I was trying to help Willrock with his connection which was by all meanings impossible. I hope it was just a firewall issue. The point is I would like to ask people not to leave games until they are finished not only because the screenshots are not the same but, you know, it’s a bit discouraging when your team mates leave you alone usually when you are losing. For those who don’t know, you can follow a game just by clicking on a player still alive so you can see his line of sight. Even on enemy players… a bug that can be really helpful to your team.

This was indeed a 4vs3 where Whiteknight (Ghat) gave a piece of a master class on his (not very popular) beloved map. Don’t know if that’s a record but 75 kills in a game id pretty amazing. Well done man! pity not everybody stayed for the screen :0/

There was another game before this one. Joxer and me vs Sarvik, Inter and Hellfire on a killingfields map but no idea why the screenshot didn’t work. We won, then everybody left and mind showed up to make Joxer play one last ffa. Mind… how many scouts did you bring? 3? 4? I was lucky not to step on any mine!

And that was all last week for me. Don’t know how it was on Saturday and Sunday cause I couldn’t be home so I’ll have my dose tonight.

See you on the ground!




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