A nice comeback a couple of noobs and too many ffa

The one who showed up for amoment to say “hey! I can’t now but I’ll be online next week” was no other than Willrock!!! It feels so good to read the old nicks coming one by one (where the hell are you damn Maxi ò.Ó?)I think I’m not the only one who thinks that there’s nothing like a DM1 to start a GC night. Fast, comfortable and open. Im not in a very good shape lately. I managed to do something in this first one thanks to a very good Sarvik.But it wasn’t going to last.

This one was the other big game of the night (Yep. Just two) and I remember thinking “why on earth am I playing as if I didn’t knew how this works?” The match was very past its middle and I just had made 9 kills. I totally burden my team and those three didn’t help at all. they, on the contrary, played a nice smooth one. I’ll fry you tonight for that! ò.ó

That was all for Fridays night but saturday brought a long row of ffa among that three. It was fun.

The previous weekend I wasn’t able to be online so I came back on Sunday to find another row of ffa only that this time with air on… Guys. I totally suck on air games.

Yes. Thats a cray arty and yes. Thats a DM1 which altogether (cray + desert + arty) usually but not always means “noob”. The funny thing was the other team had also a cray arty. when I saw it responding to the fire I couldn’t help laughing badly. It’s so good to have new players online!

we played some Dm1 in a row before going to old DM7. Inter had brought Lucas to show him the game and asked me to join. Palitoman just joined the room cause he had GC installed. They both did pretty good to be their first time online. Hope to see them and more new players online.

That was all for this report. In few hours, mooooooooore!!!  :0)


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