The vet rank

Yesterday I tried to be online but I couldn’t.

The first consecuence is that I missed my weekly GC dose. Another is I won’t have any screen to comment so, as Mind has pointed out in the previous post, this Sunday GC will have been back online for six full months and I’m too getting a bit melancholic.

I remember times before the servers’ shutdown. When Joxer and me were still noobs. I remember those rows of DM7 games “noobs vs vets”. We were Joxer, Space , me and some other random noob that happened to be online. We lost one after another and coming back to lobby claiming the usual “reveeeeenge!!” “we’ll roost you all for that” and so on.
Here is the game where Joxer and me were finally promoted to the vet rank. It was a DM1 and I’m sure I’ve never seen joxer springing out so fiercely at the beggining of a match as he did that time. I almost just followed him trying to cover his units thinking “Ok, suicide it’ll be”… We ate them.

Only a vet can promote another to the vet rank, and we were promoted by two of the best. I miss them.

But anyway. This saturday night (today) I’ll be there trying to catch something of what I missed yesterday. See you on the Ground, guys!


2 responses to “The vet rank

  1. This screen is from 2004, I think. nox hadn’t chosen his green colour yet. And we both saying thank you like two young padawan learners.
    If nox don’t play he become nostalgic.
    Where were you the last weekend Master?

  2. weren’t we sweet thanking the masters their nice words? :0b

    I was fiddling with someone else’s boring real world issues and yes, I do become nostalgic when I don’t get my moonburst dose. I’ll fire twice specs next Friday to compensate the absence :0)

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