the unexpected 4vs4s

After some weeks of not much Friday activity I come back home a bit late wondering if I’ll be in time to catch one of the last 2vs2. It were almost 150km by car and it did worth it.

( thanks to Joxer the Mighty and Sarvik  for this screen)

I came to a full room immersed in an 4vs4. I missed by short the first 4vs4 since GC’s rebirth but there were more to come.

Players came back and quickly we went to the Killing Fields’ hills as full as they can be… but with no time limit. Only Ghat knows why.

Us in the North East. They in the South West. A classic big clash on the central hills, only that Joxer managed to hide almost all his army in the very north highlands. They looked like a green fort to our last units at the end of the game. At last the 4vs4s are back :0)

This one was meant to be a 4vs3 but inter got a too high ping and left at the beginning and went back to prepare his 21 birthday party (happy birthday, man)

Saturday came with a 4vs3 to open the night. I still can’t figure why on earth did I take cray. It was on our side until the very last minute but a big last rush took the victory. Good job with those damn rockets, sarvik. They got us pretty fucked up :0)

There were more games that night but Ill only post the last one. A pill of pain made in Ghat (with a lot of help from Pedro’s drone).

It began fine for us. Ghat’s arty and 2 beams with a suicide med squad. Pedro’s arty too… and then a drone attack messed all up. It was a fucking nightmare. Good job guys! I’ll kill you next Friday for that.



2 responses to “the unexpected 4vs4s

  1. Sorry about my poor quality screens. I have installed GC again, buy it is the same.
    I didn’t hide my army. I went there, because I thougt that they are coming against our own rear. I advanced as far as the well entrenched and hidden Pedro’s troops let me go.
    Sorry about my english 😛

    • thanks to your screen the post were up earlier than it would without it so, thanks!
      yay… covering rear… we all’ve said that :0P
      (obviously joking)

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