fight it again, sam

No matter who won. There’s always a reason to ask for more.Even if you’ve defeated Ghat and Joxer on the dunes of DM1

Though sometimes it’s you who become crushed by the appetite for revenge of Ghat rockets… Damn that was a hard one.

Inter seemed to have enough and left place for Pedro. A newcomer who played GC online 6 or 7 years ago. Warmonger is a quite uncomfortable map with not much space to move and a bit tricky to shot specials. We were playing cat and mouse a lot of time but some mines and Joxer’s rocket’s specials did the job.

Although Friday brought not many games, Saturday compensated. After a failed 2vs3 Desert we had this welcome game to an old player Sarvik is back! maybe a bit rusty but still dangerous. That was hard to win and I’m not sure it was a deserved one.

But then came my favourite match of the weekend. I have to admit I love 2vs3 and if it has a nice recover in it, I’m the happiest guy in the world… well, almost.

Mind was explosive and optimistic at the beginning and tried to take the southernmost central hill all alone but the other team didn’t agree on that and gulped part of his army with not much problems. I lied some mines (over which they were so kind to step and explode) and asked him to come back to our pit (top north one) They got us there trapped so… why don’t we go all around and take their rearguard? It worked so good :0)

Damn… I wan’t more… reveeeeeeenge!!!


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