The tough fun of 2vs3

2vs3 is hard. It’s exhausting but when you have Ghat as team-mate it’s also addictive. this night was almost entirely a constant 2vs3 with the same teams- Whiteknight and me on one side and Mind, Joxer and inter on the other.
Despite due to the lately common connection issues, mind crashed very soon in the game, they almost got us thanks to a densely mined centre of the map. It was a nice warm up. The intensity was still to come.

There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for too long in a DM7. Whiteknight defending DZ2 and I trying to close their slow but firm advance to DZ1. It was an epic desperate battle that finished with us smashed against the south wall of DZ2 by a horde of cray inf.

We tried to avenge our units on the same map… with almost the same result. There wasn’t anywhere to run and not enough space to move against those little sadist :0)

So whiteknight thought it was time to move the battle to a more friendly scene to a 2vs3 and we won. 8 packs of mines and some nice team work did a wonderful job sticking them in the west entrance to the southernmost of the centre hills. It was a win by the bell but against this bunch it was all we could  wish for.

But glory pass quickly and desert was a nightmare. They got me in the beginning. To be more precise, Mind got me at the beginning while I was trying to help ghat against a minor attack… as if he needed anyhelp at all. When I looked back my APC with the inf inside and the scouts where no more. We were owned from then on.

Mind had to leave so we mixed teams and had a nice even battle at the tower. luckily for me it was also my best game of the night. I guess I got a bit of extra adrenaline from the frustrating feeling the last game left in me.


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