Lazy reporter

There are nights when you lose almost everything but that’s all right. There is always fun in the battle.
Some new people, what makes me think that it’s possible for our community to keep growing, and a nice come back: Ellu from the Regnum Irae showed up wearing his tag. It feels so damn good to see the old tags in the game list ^.^

Ghat was a pain all the night and taking him off was the only victory we could achieve after they crashed the too early and alone Oscar’s attack.

In GC APC is what the king is in chess. It’s you and of course it’s a pleasure to take someone’s APC even it’s with your 2 last inf units and you have no way to win.

We have been expeiencing some connection problems and some unexpected crashes. GC has been always a trouble maker when it comes to connection and connection stability. I crashed in the loading of this one and hellfire left to let them play what seems was a real great exhibition of Ghat’s (whiteknight) skills. Joxer (the one who took the screenshot) came out blaming him and being the blamed is by all meanings always a pleasure :O)
(BTW, I have no idea why the quality of the image is so bad)

And here my only win of the night thanks to a lucky radar. Once I setted it, when all enemy units appeared on the screen, I couldn’t help saying “you are welcome” to my team. It’s a very big map and none of the other team had setted a radar near where the fight took place. They were owned.

And that was all for the Friday. Sometimes there are rows of games when everything changes from one game to another. Team members, number of players etc. Other times the same guys get in a row of chained revenges all over the surface of Krig7B. This Saturday was one of those cases.

Fran has proved to be a quite good supporter. In both previous games. I felt sometimes as if I had some kind of a new shadow. It was sometimes a bit confusing  but, as it came out, very effective.

A funny fun one to finish the post. The crazy Heavy metal. There are few maps that are played with reinforcements and this is one of those. Well, most times cause this wasn’t one. Dragon forgot to set them and when I had only my jags alive and started to wonder where my reinf was I pressed tab and screamed “no reinf??” Lucky me, they had got not much left and my janices were enough to end the match.


3 responses to “Lazy reporter

  1. jaja, POR FIN SALGO ya era hora, la verdad me enorgullece ser la sombre de nox, la verdad mis unidades trabajan mui bien conjuntas a las de el, mui diferente en el caso de inter o mind, que la mayoria de veces ellos se quedan bloqueados y seguidamente yo, es entonces cuando todas mis unidades se van a tomar por culo, la verdad NOX eres un gran lider y creo que me estilo de combate se une mas ati que a cualquier otro jugador de GC

    haha, FINALLY I GET it was time, I really proud to be the shadow of nox, the truth my mui units work well to those of the joint, mui different in the case of inter-or mind, that most times they are and then blocked me, that’s when all my drives are going to take the ass, the truth NOX are a great leader and I think I was fighting style ati unites more than any other player GC

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