Close ones

It’s difficult to make even teams in GC for the same reason It’s impossible to a noob crushing a vet in a 1vs1. It’s not enough to even the numbers or the skills, you also have to consider the result from the combination of players. Last Friday was a rare case. All the games were intensely fought until the last unit or second between amazingly balanced teams.
I have to admit that it was Hellfire with not much help from me who won this one. Those mines laid in the middle of the enemy camp (with rocket fire and all) worth a mention.

It was just by a few seconds that we won this one. About 3 to be exact. Then Joxer’s beans burned off the remains of my inf.

Another tough won by the bell. We had really few left to handle that Cray inf. In fact I had only the APC and a couple of scouts, so all I could do was passing by at all speed and fire a few shots, then go to repair and back again.

This one was the exception. That was more a slaughter than a even game. It seemed they could keep sending one inf squad after another forever.  Danm jags infestation.

And this night (in few moments to be honest) more! :O)


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