high level GC night

It’s been two weeks without much activity in the GCvets blog. On the contrary on the ground of Krig 7B there have been many exciting matchs. Last Friday we had some really intense 3vs3 of a very high playing level. A game with Whiteknight, Mind (whose connection was blown away by a lightning storm during one of the games), Joxer, Inter, Carter, Hellfire and me is one which promises to be epic and they surely were.

I would never bring a drone to a fast, so open field as the DM1 desert but as it cames out they can not only be used eficiently but they also can become a big help in a 2vs3. Mind: chapeau!

“you bastards!”

“you will painfully die again and again”

It  was all I could say after being smashed like a boiled potato by those 3 sadists (well done guys :0)

Then Whiteknight came, Mind crashed in the first inconcluded 3vs3 and Carter showed up to take his place. Ahhh. Those were great matches.

In this last one I did what was probably my best move of all night: 2 artys, 2 cray heavies 1 beam and whiteknight’s APC in a lucky attack with one med squad covered by another one of joxer’s. Mine was out of shields so I let him take the heavy fire and sneaked through passing over the artys first and the heavies later on my path to that yellow APC. One of those moments that make you smile wide :O)


2 responses to “high level GC night

  1. and I will still not seen my nick in any photo, if I have to have luck on Friday and Saturday

    vaya aun ni me e visto a mi nick en ninguna foto, haber si tengo suerte este viernes y sabado

    • You have to try to stay until the 2vs2 and bigger games take part. I do not use to upload 1vs1.
      (Intenta quedarte hasta un poco más tarde. Suelo subir sólo partidas de más de 2vs2)

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