APC hunting

Friday went smooth and intense and even a quite stressed Carter showed up for a game and some specs. Here are the screens.You know you are doing something right when in the middle of a game one of your opponents text “I hate you” after blowing their both APCs with one inf. I love that feeling :0)

A 3vs3 again after a couple of weeks of just 2vs2 ones where Mind and Inter didn’t doubt about avenging their APC on my units.

Here is a rare one. A 3vs2 we unexpectedly won. Joxer was fantastic. Helps coming just in time. Units moving everywhere and we slowly retreating to avoid them having a clear front combat line. Mines did their job. radars too. Drone survived a mass of crays and so did APCs but if there wasn’t a time limit we would have been screwed anyway.

I love 2vs1. They are hard, you usually find yourself smashed in a mist of confusion with units coming from everywhere but sometimes you are lucky enough to win one and that… that’s adrenaline happiness in pure state.

This one was going to be a 3vs2 also. But the third one, a new comer, couldn’t stand the pressure ad left unexpectedly soon. I have a lot of guilt there, I have to admit, but a crowd of rockets and an APC comming in a bunch directly to my inf as if they were trying to run over me is too much of a temptation to leave it pass :Op

I don’t use to upload 1vs1 games. I feel them quite personal but this one has a reason to be here. Do you notice the map name? is a FEAR XL. A custom map based on DM7 FEAR with 8 Drop Zones and 3!! Dropships played through game ranger. This is important because when I installed all the maps I became unable to host games. So now we know we can install the official and some other usual custom maps to wide a bit the range of places to have fun without having hosting problems :O)

So… This night, more on the gorund.


4 responses to “APC hunting

  1. Hi,
    I’m glad to see my favorite game lives again through your efforts.

    I just received my prima guide after years of hunt for a nice price or a pdf. In order to prepare my next replay of the campaign, I was going to use to it to prepare a nice file to compare units easier to use than txt usually found.

    I can share it and edit it to your needs if you have interesting suggestions. I will also seek info in the guide if you have questions (and any of you doesn’t have the book).

    I do have one myself: do you know how experience works for units ? how it’s awarded and what are its effect ? I suppose xp for kills are not raw numbers but depend on the MP value of the unit. How about buildings ? (takes time to destroy a whole base with weaker units !)

    I need to repractice the game to regain my low level and I hardly have time to play at normal hours. I’ll try to join you someday for MP fun

    • Hello and welcome 🙂

      Well Units don’t have a experience system either in campaign or in multiplayer on GC1, that system is featured on later games developed by massive entertainment (GC game developer).
      You just work with health, fast movement and tactics, and well this is why the APC has an extremly important role as to heal your units and making them ready to strike once more.

      Also in multiplayer you dont have any building structures to destroy but radars and missile defender guns, these last ones might be tricky to destroy if well placed but above all an inf squad can destroy eitehr of these with one shot :D…

  2. Units do have an xp system which brings you from unexperienced to elite or sunbringer in campaign. I’m however unable to quantify its effect. I took pride in making sure only the best soldiers would be allowed to end OND or CC’s presence on Krig-7b.

    Here’s the file I was talking about, for thoe who didn’t have access to it, it’s quite different from in game stats, closer to the game’s feeling:
    Feel free to edit !

    Something else:
    While I managed to clean “no win situation”‘ map with no casualty, I never managed to hold “Winter wonderland”‘s base till the end, let alone with no loss. Has anyone managed such a feat ?

    • Hi and welcome to the GCvets blog!

      It’s true there is something like an experience progression in the SP mode. However I’m not sure if there’s any change on units behaviour.

      It’s funny to see I’m not the only freak who tried to do missions without losing not only any squad but any unit :0) and yep. It’s possible to finish winter wonderland without losing anything but Magnus (there’s no way to save him) In my case it was possible using a lot of ams and really bold inf squads. BTW It is possible to finish all missions this way and even do thing’s you weren’t supposed to do as assault hidden forts or stay and destroy air raids.
      Hope to see you on the Krig 7B ground some Friday but I have to advice you that is not the same as SP. It’s far, far better!


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