one of the many battles over Krig 7B

This week instead of summarizing the activity on the ground of Krig 7B I’ll focus on one concret match and try to tell it in the most entertaining way I’m capable of. It’s not only because the battles did concentrate mostly in Friday’s night but also because I do like to vary a bit from time to time.

This is it:

[RI]mind-pt- “what have you brought?”
[_nOx_] “one arty, two inf, one ams, you?”
[RI]mind-pt- “jags, arty”

Then Joxer came and the game was launched. We landed on DZ1 (which means top left). They did in DZ4 (bottom right) DZ4 is a naturally defensive dropzone and being 2 Crays it was pretty obvious what they were going to do.

We spread our units to prevent a quick initial rush from their side that didn’t come and started to set radars.
I set one up north and went running with the second inf inside the APC to set another at DZ3 under the protection of an ams (antimissile system). A nice advance fort.
Once the radar was up we discover a Joxer’s progress along the south passage. Jags, arty and marines were taking a position that could be pretty annoying. One moonburst over those jags using my APC as bait solved half of the problem.

I was obviously too focused on my personal battle cause when I looked at the minimap again a very bold Dragon had place a really offensive radar in the middle and was menacing about entering in their base with all his army but neither Mind nor I were prepared to help him on that.

“get a bit back!” I begged.

He did and we started to pound their positions with our artillery. Joxer, wanting to avenge his jags, started to shot over my DZ3 fort while sending his marines to do the dirty work but some arty rain over the passage and the sacrifice of a med squad swept away all the inf, the radar, the arty one rocket and thanks to Dragon’s just-in-time beams’ shot, his APC. Joxer was out of the south passage and both my arty and Dragon’s radar were no-more thanks to Inter’s jags. After that I focused on covering and protect Mind’s ones at the centre of the map while they try to give a present in return to those danm jags.

Joxer was missing, Inter was too focused in his jags and Odin didn’t know what to do. Mind was busy with his jags and arty, and I was busy myself covering him so Dragon decided to visit our friends’ home in person though DZ6 to DZ5… and there were the remains of joxer’s army meticulously well placed and waiting for prey. They were mostly rockets and heavies so I sent an inf through the north passage wishing they could arrive in time to do something.

I knew (or wish) everyone would be looking up there so I sent the other inf through the south passage to try to blow Inter and Odin’s heavy defence around their DZ. I don’t know if Mind thought something similar or saw my move and wanted to distract them but he decided to make an entrance through the main DZ4’s door. I helped him in that trying to attract as much attention as were possible… and it worked. Two heavies and an APC out with the three specials, next a radar, one arty and some Odin’s crusaders. Then, they were killed as also were the other inf at DZ5 but with a lot less glory. Joxer’s position was solid as rock.

After this multiple combined attack I had really few units left and luckily for us neither was there much time rest. I’m almost sure they could had crashed us out in a fast counterattack if they had two minutes more but the 27 minutes ran out and the victory was ours.

More on next Friday!


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