the legend of the 4vs4

10 at a time in the game ranger lobby. 10!

An absolute frustrating Success.

This inter’s screenshot is from the second 4vs4 beginning and not the last. It was a very weird feeling. It’s been a really long time since the last time this happened. Old names and new ones warming up for a full eight players game… this was going to be fun 

but the big Japanese collection of  really huge problems had the internet collapsed and we were dropping all the time, ending in games like this one where our newcomer Asadex had his first last-man-standing game.  Facing fiercely Joxer’s APC from under my cursor. Sorry I got there too late to have a good screen of it.

Nevertheless all the crashes the games were really fun. All players are getting their touch back and you can start seeing really nice moves there.

It wasn’t until saturday that we had stable connections and we did some nice games. That one over was an intense one.

We dropped south-east and they landed just over us. So they had the hill to hide their rockets behind their jags.

Yes, I know, “two Crays on dessert, come on” It’s not the choice but these guys aren’t newbies at all and did a good job at the point that Mind and me were progressibly moving towards west and finished running for it along the western edge without a single spec in our few units.

Here another dish of DM1 with one noob on each team.

They landed at North West and we landed At North center. A close combat game. We attacked.

It’s difficult to play with a noob and get him to do as many kills as possible. Some people think you should let them alone but GC multiplayer is both about individual geniality and team help. If you leave your noob the be washed off you find yourself in a 2vs3 game with a quite nice amount of points against . Flixx comes from GCII and therefore moves big amounts of units together and it seemed they had a mine factory so I found myself clearing his path from mines firing my scout specials… but they are only three. There were pretty nice fireworks up there.

To finish the night and the weekend for me. My best game. They landed south-west. We landed south-east which I call “the dune of cowards” If you are going to defend in DM1 there’s only one place better and it was too far. So I landed all packs on mines but setted an offensive radar. I wanted a big perimeter to have time to react and space to move… And it worked. Kein was giving precise helps and moving quite good. Carter and Joxer decided to attack from two fronts but the big perimeter gave us time to fight on both sides in a relative 2vs1.

That’s all for last week. This night more on the ground!


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