weekly battle report

“Hey, lets take the south mountain”
With this horrible idea started the night. Horrible because they had it too and their drop zone was nearer than our, so in less than a minute I found myself left with a drone, 1 scout, 1 squad of meds and one of beams. No APC, no inf, no radar… They literally screwed me up. Mind did a good job but being 2vs3 even though Carter didn’t appear until the end, we got smashed against the south end of the map.

Just for the record: keep an eye on Inter. He’s playing amazingly good ones lately.

After the first big wrong decision (“Which wrong decision?” Asked Carter “Getting screwed up” I said) We tried to revenge our units on DM7. It went clearly better. Mind got 6 jags out at the very beginning of the match and I got a decent amount of units out but numerical superiority did us not without a fierce last fight on DZ2… Hum… The more I write the more I get anxious to get on ground again ò.ó

As you can see Inter did again a pretty nice work there. I can’t forget that annoying last jag wandering around DZ1 and leaving us uncovered.

And now an uncommon one. Not because the teams. Not because the map, but because where in the map the fight took place. We landed North West and they landed North East. Usually in this map most of the fight takes place in the two center hills. Indeed my scouts had a nice meeting with Mind’s ones while mining. It went something like this:

“Hey guys, how is it going?”
“Oh, fine, fine. Just landing some little presents, you know”
“Yah, same here. We don’t want to be greedy with this toys”
“We know, We know. Well. See you later then”

But no one stepped over those mines Because we where all up the very Nnorth high planes. At least Carter, Joxer and me cause I almost didn’t see Mind’s units except for those scouts, a bunch of annoying jags and that thing you can see down there exploding :0)

Now, one DM7 I really enjoyed. I did a fast initial suicidal attack with a med squad that put us ahead on the score. they should have to attack now and we had some extra time to spread our defence. Kein attacked by DZ6 and DZ5 and setted a pretty annoying radar but that inf was there too early to survive for long. After that they got a bit cautious and Joxer drone danced for a while with my beams wasting our respective precious shields. A joyful one to finish the weekend ground time (this, and to be honest, the previous too, were in fact on Saturday)

This one was irrelevant itself except for the fact that we were training a newcomer (we have of those again :0) and I do like the screenshot in particular.

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow we’ll have more at the usual hour (22 GMT) on the ground!

See you guys.


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