battle stories

Last Friday was a bit weak in the sense there were few players but was really exciting as some of the games played were really fun. Instead of posting screenshots of every game as I did in previous weeks I’ll post only 2 or 3 and I’ll try to tell how was the battle from my point of view.

Here they are:

I was a bit anxious and wanted to meet the +++ members that use to connect and leave a bit earlier so the night started for me 2 hours before the meeting hour with a series of 1vs1 and a watcher among Whiteknight (formerly Ghat) Mind and me. Syla joined a  bit later and the first 2vs2 of the night was served on the warmonguer map. It’s a quite big map but we are all vets and we know nobody is going to hide. Whiteknight made a really nice work there attacking from the north west to the south while I try to annoy their positions directly north to south. A nice warm up.

There were many moments that night when we though we could set a 3vs3 but for one or another reason we remain 5 at the Gameranger chat window, so we ended up playing some 2 vs 3 and a non usual 2 vs 2 vs 1. I wasn’t  sure about it but  became a really exciting game.

Joxer and Mind on DZ1, Carter and Me in DZ4 and Inter alone in DZ5 who wisely ran quickly to DZ6 and bunkered there. Inter was the key. He had no options but both teams tried to use him as a spear against the enemies. Talking later with Joxer about that he admitted he had spared 5 rockets which were at  his inf fire range cause the harm they could do to us was for him better than the points.

Game went on with a too much cautions Joxer and Mind. Carter end up with only an inf  squad, an APC and an arty. I had only a beam unit an inf squad and an APC . Just with this we were able to scare them for long minutes as everytime they shown up there was a combination of coordinated fire on them. As you can see they decided to attack and pass over us.. but too late Carter was still alive when the clock when off :0)

I have to mention Mind’s suicidal APC-inf attack on Carter’s arty. A great success both in killing the arty and the suicidal thing :0P

And to finish, a really surprising result. At least for me.

Carter and Mind are really good vet players, Carter love this map and Inter took OND which is not at all his usual faction so, when I landed, I had the intention to give a good fight but winning was out of my expectations. As game went on, things were happening in a different way.  Inter was doing a really good job. And though his jags were a constant pain, Mind’s crays were arriving too late to the helps and Carter was loosing many units too fast.

And that’s all for my (late, sorry about that) weekly GC report. Today, MORE!!!

See you on field, guys.


8 responses to “battle stories

  1. Hey guys! I recently realized how awesome this game was and how I wana play it again. This looks tight! (I wasn’t the most “old school” of GC players but I went by the name HellFire and was in blackspyz at one point and then a clan with some other peeps you probably don’t remember me but yeah :).)

    • Welcome back, man :0) You are quite old school. At least older school than me, I think. I don’t know if we met on ground yet but we will love to have you in game on Friday (or Saturday or whenever :0)

      • Alright man I’ll be checking back to see when you have got game sessions planned and try to join in. I think I’ve got the gameranger stuff down.

      • Every Friday’s night at 22 GMT and the same for Saturdays but with fewer players.

        See you on ground.

    • hey!
      Yes we do. And don’t know about the others but I’m having tons of fun with it. Oh man, I missed this so much :0)
      BTW It was just for a couple of weeks but I also wore the SSC tag :0P

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