GC unit breakdown


We are proud to announce the release of a new page with critical information for our new players, in this new page you will find a specific breakdown of the units that are used in Multiplayer.

This breakdown is a product of years of experience playing this game, relevant units, special weapons and equipment that should be used are underlined.  🙂

You will find a brief introduction here , inside that page after you read the intro there is also two logos, one for Order of the New Dawn(OND) and the other one for the Crayven Corporation(Cray), by clicking them you will be taken into another page that has all the unit details of the faction you have chosen.

Here is a general view of what you will find out for each unit: (in this case the OND medium tank)

• Medium Hoverdynes

  • Description: Main battle tank. Comes in a group of 4. Main gun is the most powerful of the tanks and armor is good. Is slightly faster than its Crayven counterpart, but with less armor. With shields and the plasma moonburst special weapon, this unit can take on any target and is the workhorse of the army.

  • Equipment

Health Packs: Replenishes the health of the entire squad. 3 uses.

Missile Defender: A stationary turret that shoots down incoming missiles, rockets, artillery shells, and drones. 1 Use

Shield: An energy shield that makes the squad invulnerable for a short period of time. Arguably the best defensive equipment in the game. Long recharge time. 3 Uses.

  • Special Weapons

Sunburst: Does virtually no damage. The enemy might laugh themselves to death but that’s about it.

Moonburst: Always pick this weapon. Kills almost anything as long as you hit the target. Blocked by shields and AMS. 2 Uses.

  • Traits

+ Good all-around vehicle squad.

+ Great firepower and armor

– Shields only last a short period of time

– Weak vs. special weapons once shields are down


Hope it helps!

And by the way, thanks Admiral Ghat for your work!

See you in the hills of DM7_Fear !

3 responses to “GC unit breakdown

  1. Nice work.
    But I wouldn’t say that the tilt of your units is just a matter of personal preference.

    For example, a ‘speed’ drone carrier will overrun enemy drones, but not in ‘offensive’. Marines will never walk (or so few), so you can set them in ‘offensive’ and they will be much superior to other infantry units, which can be essential in the end of the game, etc…

    It depends mainly of the map and against what you play: OND in big open map (Desert is typical) against other OND: it’s gonna be movement war, set everything to ‘Speed’. 2vs2 in Fear, if you play Cray your role will be mainly defense and the map is tiny. You can set everything in ‘Offensive’ or ‘Defensive’. Speed would be kinda useless, as anyway you’re overrun by OND.

  2. Hello Syla,

    That’s the beuty of this game I think, there are many situations where you can combine ofensive, defensive, speed… to the best use, though i think each one of us has it’s own way of thinking thus having diferent perspectives on what to use and where.

    And well you never know what crazy set other players are going to bring so even an unusual config might give you advantage, it’s like a football match you know the other team players but you will just know the tactic after the game starts.

    For example i bring down a speed arty, making less damage but my intentions wouldn’t be mainly to damage the enemy but instead to distract them and restricting movements with barrages on certain areas, making fast atacks and retreats, this might be usefull on fear.

    Anyway this is just a litle help for new players, thanks for your comment and we might add a more specific tab on that matter soon. 🙂

  3. Great work guys. I’ll try to make a ” Common maps and basic tactics” section for those so wanted new players.

    I agree with Mind. That’s one of the beauty of this game. We all have more or less the same units but the configuration and combination of them can be very different. You can never know if someone is going to bring a huge amount of mines, or set one of those defender gun bunkers, or if you are going to face a rain of arty fire from everywhere.

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