A message to wake them all

Last February  the 10th I sent a mail to 36 exGCplayers under the simple subject of [_nOx_]. Joxer had found the key to revive Groung Control online and I was to summon the GCvets.

Here’s the original message:

“On August 2007 GCI servers where finally shut down. My last online game was a 3vs2 on DM6. Joxer, Urs and Inter against Carter and me. We lost.

Since that day many of us have been searching a game to forget GC. We tried WIC. I surely tried but it wasn’t my cup of tea. We tried Hamachi but the connection was awful and most people wasn’t able to get into game and very few had the proper internet connection to host. Many of you have been asking me by messenger and mail if any hope of playing GC again was to be lost. And until now I’ve been sadly saying once and again that GC was forever dead… but is not.

After many years I’ve been playing online 1vs1 against joxer and it worked as silk and guys, call me whatever you want, but I miss that Friday nights. I miss the crazy sets of Carter. The speed of Maxi’s attacks, the moaning and blaming of Crayven Marine cause my beams were out of his heavies fire range on DM1. The good mood and team play of the Atomic Rabbits, the Renagades, the Regnums, the Minions. Inter with his weird but great way of playing crays, the tireless Space, Putna, Odin and so many others. The after playing talk about old stuff as Toons, tactics and vets… (Yes, I know who the Toons were :0) I’m still hooked to this game.

So, as I said at the beginning, this is a call to arms. It’s my purpose to re-set the GC Fridays night through a program called “Game Ranger“. From tomorrow 2011-02-11 I’ll be hosting a GC room on that program every Friday from the usual 22 GMT as long as there are players wanting to play. (If you are planning to come, please install it before) Maybe I find myself alone there but I think it’s worth trying. Don’t you think?

I have many but far from all ex-GC-players’ mail so, please, spread it out. Thanks :0)”


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